Covered with juicy black mulberry, Algida Frootie has creamy ice cream with pieces of strawberry inside.
Algida Frootie is a low-calorie snack whose packet stands out in the fridge. It's so modern and entertaining that just the packet alone is worth posting on Pinterest. We'll bring this character of the product to our communication.
We used frozen effect in combine of fresh fruits and colors of summer.
A group of young people who experience fewer and fewer moments of excitement, when they take a bite of ice cream the depression fades away and they turn into futuristic shapes.
Under the influence of the ice cream, they turn into crazy dancers during those boring moments. This new and special power of ice cream is first discovered by these young people as they travel to an ancient city. Then it spreads to the whole city and even the whole country.
At the end of the copy, we say that ‘The new Frootie from Algida… Getting you excited with its juices.”.

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