Netflix has launched its first major consumer electronic partnership in Turkey with Vestel by using ‘Atiye’ which is its the latest local original. Also Vestel is a Turkish consumer household goods manufacturer who holds the #2 market share position when it comes to Smart TV sales in Turkey. So Netflix has been looking for the most impactful approaches to help their partners communicate watching Netflix through Vestel devices.


Get: Vestel customers…
To: Sign up for Netflix through their Vestel TV or Mobile.
By: Generating conversations that fuel excitement around Atiye.
Think: Netflix is where Vestel customers go for high quality series.
Feel: Excited about Atiye and the caliber of local series to come.
Do: Ignite the conversation online and offline about the series.
TV Film

We see a woman getting ready to go on a journey of her own, leaving everything behind. She gets inspired from Atiye. She wants to find her answers and she keeps watching Atiye during her journey anytime, anywhere via Vestel devices.

Print Ad & Out-of-home

We created an occasional print ad campaign. The made media buying’s for these different variations in line with their positions in the city or the magazine’s genre an used the mediums texture as a background. For example the bus seat textured variation was used for the bus stops, sports version was used for gyms, etc.


For our primary key visual we took the main location of the show Atiye, Göbeklitepe, used it widely spread on different Vestel devices, keeping the show’s title treatment in the centre. This made the message “Netflix everywhere, on every Vestel device” clear. The key art was used in 5 big cities, primarily on Istanbul as wall implementations.

Retail Store Displays & Display window

Vestel store’s were a key medium for the campaign. We used all the TV screens in the shops through out the country, for over a month to run the trailer.  We used show’s appeal to draw customers in. We also designed custom made shop windows in flagship stores. We prepared Atiye themed manuals both about Netflix and about the campaign details. We also created pop's for the stores to increase attraction.

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