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This story inspired by three brave men’s true story. They were at the height of their career. But they couldn’t live their lives. They were only work, work, work, work… One day, they decided to quit their jobs to start their own journey. They create Moto Trio and travel with their bikes from Turkey to the end of of the World. So our story begins with Moto Trio and continues with a brand’s story which works for improvingh their pleasure on the road all around the World.


By claiming ‘Go well’, Shell works for pleasure on the road. So to tell this brand message to their audience, they wanted to find an authentic way. They started a based on a true story campaign. The first one was telling the story of a baby who was born into a Shell station. The second one is telling three men’s journey which is coming across Shell stations.

Moto Trio
In other words, the white-collar triple; Kerem, FIRat, Özkan who believe that dreams can come true.
They took a long break for 9 years to their 15-years career.
They continue to make their way with their motorcycles in different parts of the World.

Shell Stations keep host unforgettable stories.
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