Netflix was made its first blockbuster movie, which they named before ‘Bright’. In the movie, in an alternate present-day world, an Orc police officer and a human police officer as two beat cops must overcome their differences and the dark forces working against them to save the city they’re sworn to protect.

So to announce movie in Turkey, we bring Bright world into İstanbul.
We started with a special outdoor campaign. We created fake orcish brand ads. A toothpaste brand which we named as Orkolin, a finance brand which we named before as Ork Bank, a perfume brand which we named as d’ork and we turned Netflix as Orkflix.
"For Strong and White Teeth like Orc's"
"By the Smell of Orcs - Reflect Your Charm"
"A First from Orc Bank - Everlasting Discount Account"
"In a World Orcs and Human live Together - Joy of Cinema is at Home "
Then we created a mockumentary film. The story consisted of daily lives of Orcs who lived in Istanbul. During the copy, we see different Orcs within different roles. They’re cooking, shaving even are playing gamble, etc. After the film aired on social media, the film hit the internet.
The Turkish Bright story began with Orcish outdoor campaign. Then we continued with the mockumentary film and TV integration. One of our Orcs got on the stage of the Voice Turkey.  But jury didn’t selected him just because of being an Orc. Our Orc thought that if he was an Elf, they would turn back to him.
We branded two buildings and hundreds of billboards with neon and gave message to people ‘Enjoy the blockbuster movie experience at home with Netflix.’
We organized a living room premiere night with Netflix. We sent several special designed packs to influencers. When they watched Bright at home with their friends, they shared also our special items on social media.
As a result, people made their own jokes after our orcish billboards.
The Mockumentary hits the internet at its first day. At the end of the campaign, Turkish people talked about Bright a lot.
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