Netflix was ready to stream Paramount Pictures’ Annihilation. So to announce the movie in Turkey, we need to design an experience. It was about ‘nature’ and nature is more powerful and complex than the narrow-minded Man. In a future where nature takes control and reinvents life, an all-female expedition tries to understand what happened when no one else could. The nature has its reasons that humanity does not know.
Slum clearance was terribly spreading all over Turkey. To find a green area or park is nearly impossible for Turkish people. It’s time to back to nature. Nature is taking back control.
We build up same setup as in the official trailer at Kanyon Mall in Turkey. The ones who entered the activation area would take Natalie Portman’s place and we recorded their own Annihilation trailers to share them on their social accounts.

Also we made several installations as in the shape of human tree like in the movie. Each of them is symbolized different Turkish people prototypes who has been assimilated.

Local celebrities and influencers loved the cinematic installation. They organically shared pictures inside installation with their own Annihilation messages. Also visitors loved statues and shared photos with them by giving the message "Nature is taking back the control.”
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