"The positioning, ‘ClearScore sure’, is supported by a campaign by Creature that aims to encourage consumers to feel more confident in their financial decisions after its own research found that 27 per cent of UK consumers said their finances are worse now than pre-COVID.
It also marks its first major campaign since securing $200 million in investment in June 2021. The integrated campaign includes a spot that shows a ClearScore user tackling everyday challenges with certainty...
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...Stu Outhwaite-Noel, chief creative officer and founder of Creature, said: “When we couldn’t help but throw a ‘ClearScore’ before every ‘sure’, we knew our modern financial superhero should do the same: an invincible heroine armed with her ClearScore app who can just as easily make something trend on TikTok as she can deftly control the fall of thousands of dominoes. Getting to imagine all the ways it’s possible to be ClearScore Sure is as glorious as it sounds.”
Alex O’Shaughnessy, chief marketing officer of ClearScore, added: “I’m proud to say that we’ve been a huge help to our users over the last 18 months. So much so that our users cite us as being their most trusted source of financial information, even above gov.uk. But with so many still struggling and in need of certainty, we want to help them (and many millions more) to go from ‘getting by’ to ‘getting on’. The ‘ClearScore sure’ campaign demonstrates the sureness that they can achieve with us, backed up by a seamless product experience that guides the user on how to improve their credit score and choose offers that can help them achieve their goals.”"

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