Algida Turkey decided to produce a brand new ice cream in bar format. They also wanted to put some local tastes into it. They needed something to boost youngsters energy easily and joyfully. There was already very famous taste in Turkey which called as ‘Atom’. Youngsters would drink ‘atom’ before their soccer match, etc. So we inspired from that ‘Atom’ cocktail and created "increased version of Atom cocktail" as an ice cream bar with the mix of chocolate, almond, honey and banana milk. And we added ‘-ix’ to the name of the cocktail and called it as ‘Atomix’.
After we determined name as ‘Atomix’, we also selected several keywords for logotype and brand identity. We created a young, modern and dynamic world for Atomix.
Then we selected the right sketch and digitised it with graphics editor.
After digitalisation, we fine-tune and made last graphical additions.
We also add ingredients as lettering with the right feeling.
We put components; logotype, ingredients, lettering and other graphic elements which are influenced by lightining symbol. We also add some hexagon pattern which is referred to honey to the background by using black and yellow color palette.
Turkish youngsters are fans of something like game, movie, TV show, etc. So our aim is to make a fan youngsters of ‘Atomix’, we created a epic parody for TV Film.
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